Wednesday, December 30, 2015

…come all ye faithful: LUCIFER’S FALL – ‘Fuck You We’re Lucifer’s Fall’ EP

On the heels of the excellent 2014 self-titled debut (review HERE) comes the second coming of Adelaide, South Australia’s Lucifer’s Fall. This time around the two-piece incarnation has mutated into an unholy, five-headed beast of a band and the results could not be any more impressive. Those searching for a contemporary traditional doom metal outfit that simply “gets it right” could do much worse. Fuck You We’re Lucifer’s Fall nails it from the beginning.

The EP opener, “Lost,” is an ambitious slab of molten metal that finds the Aussie quintet crafting a heavy, doom-laden anthem for the ages. A morose bassline and sluggish percussion are joined by a rising tide of tortured feedback to kick off the proceedings. It’s a simple, smoldering build-up that is as rewarding as it is downtrodden. Three minutes in and the lumbering pace reaches majestic heights with harmonized guitars before igniting into a scorching conflagration of doom. Think Saint Vitus, Reverend Bizarre, or Lord Vicar at their most upbeat. It’s a killer track that manages to remain engaging for its near fourteen minute runtime.

“Salvation” is probably the evilest sounding tune to come out of the Lucifer’s Fall / Rote Mare camp. Not only is the track centered on a handful of diabolical riffs, but the drumming is a major player in the overall sound. Add to this winning formula leads that are capable of turning rock into magma and Phil Howlett’s impressive and commanding vocal performance and you have another winner on your hands. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a bit of a Celtic Frost vibe lurking just under the surface of this one (Hell, even the narration from "Lost" smacks of Tom G. Warrior). The latter half of the track launches into the stratosphere, both musically and vocally, resulting in one Hell of a ride.

Doom takes a backseat on the EP closer “(Fuck You) We’re Lucifer’s Fall” in favor of balls-to-the-wall rock and roll. It’s fast, it’s furious, and it takes no prisoners. “(Fuck You) We’re Lucifer’s Fall” is the shortest track penned by the band and it ties up the EP nicely. While the strongest, most engaging material is on the first two tracks the closer illustrates that the band has chops and aren’t afraid to indulge their whims.

The biggest disappointment with Fuck You We’re Lucifer’s Fall is that it is too damn short. Ridiculous complaints aside, it’s killer that the band has new material so close to the release of their debut. The move from being a two-piece to a full-fledged band has definitely paid off as this little EP rips. Hopefully 2016 will see more music from either Lucifer’s Fall or Rote Mare.



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  1. Great EP! Now available in CD through Topillo Records