Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bow down to the superwizard from outer space: Ancient Warlocks - 'Superwizard' 7"

“…The primary focus is the groove, more than anything, and all of the other ingredients are a response to that. The vocals, the guitar sounds, the whole band's sound, the riffing, all of it…” –Ancient Warlocks Facebook

Seattle, Washington four-piece, Ancient Warlocks, not only admirably live up to their self-professed dedication to the groove, but they do it with a fuzzed-out, sonorous perfection. The ‘Superwizard’ 7” single is an exercise in finding an ideal equilibrium somewhere between feel-good, blissed-out catchiness, and head-nodding, stoner-rock heaviness. Both tunes that comprise this 7” single are able to maintain a steady, mesmerizing groove until ultimately devolving into sluggish instrumental passages dominated by feedback-sopped, exploratory psych-guitar leads.

Side A blasts off with, “Into the Night”, a rollicking, up-tempo charmer so catchy it’s capable of animating a corpse. A mere handful of seconds into the first track and comparisons to Fu Manchu will inevitably come to mind due to both the vocals and the heavy fuzz-laden sound. But whereas Fu Manchu exudes a So-Cal, desert-rock swagger, the Ancient Warlocks inject a serum of 20-sided die stoner-metal of otherworldly proportions straight into the vein. The single’s namesake, “Superwizard”, opens side B with a brief drum intro followed by a catchy low-end rumble, reminiscent of Big Business, that is able to convert non-believers into humble supplicants. While “Superwizard” is arguably heavier than the side A opener, it doesn’t lack in catchiness or groove. It’s everything a song entitled “Superwizard” should be: heavy, hypnotic, and fun.

Make no mistakes about it—Ancient Warlocks have unleashed two tracks suitable to be the soundtrack for your party—no matter your vice. The ‘Superwizard’ 7” is an impressive first physical release and really sets the bar high in terms of expectations. According to the band’s Facebook page they have a full-length album recorded waiting for a release. Hopefully the band is able take their sound further into the stratosphere while continuing to craft memorable, heavy tunes. Check out the band’s website to stream a handful of demo tracks. Fans of Fu Manchu, Big Business, or even early Mudhoney should be able to appreciate Ancient Warlocks’ brand of fuzz-worshipping stomp. Order the second pressing of the 7” straight from the band.

Words: Steve Miller
(Originally published at Doommantia)

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