Thursday, November 5, 2015

…dirges from the Abyss: BLACK CAPRICORN – ‘Ira Dei’ EP

Over the span of three full-lengths and a killer split with fellow countrymen Bretus (review HERE), Italy’s Black Capricorn have been harnessing and channeling cosmic emanations into potent meditations of trance-inducing psychedelic doom. On the heels of their excellent split comes the unexpected, limited time only release, Ira Dei EP. Though the material found on Ira Dei is no great departure from the band’s previous work the three tracks represent some of Black Capricorn’s darkest material to date. Ira Dei is a collection of ritualistic dirges that are as heavy as they are hypnotizing.

Among the many things that Black Capricorn does well is building palpable tension with their song intros and the EP opener, “Evil Horde of Lucifer,” is no exception with its rising-tide of cryptic noise and briefly backmasked instrumentation that ultimately yields to a lumbering groove. The track effectively weaves chant-like French vocals with more forceful vocals sung in English to powerful effect.

“Zeernebooch,” the most memorable track of the EP, spins a grim tale about the destruction of the human race at the hands of the dark god who holds dominion over the dead. The instrumentation is more than suitable for the subject matter and the track features fuzzed out, acid-rock leads buried within the hulking riffs, along with some deceptively nuanced percussion.

Don’t sleep on this one as Ira Dei is only available for a limited time (one week) as the band hopes to use the proceeds from the as-of-now digital only release to help with their upcoming European tour. Though the EP is only available for a limited time digitally the band hopes to use the tracks for either a split release or as part of an EP in physical format.



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